Articles and reports

26.06.2017: European project meeting from 11. till 13.7.2017 in Rzeszów (Poland)

Actively work in company and branch – Going forward with national strategies
In the final meeting from the 11th – 13th of July 2017 in the Polish Rzeszów, the partners will present their ideas and practical examples and will discuss about common perspectives for an European policy for companies and the branch. 


02.02.2017: 2nd European Workshop from 15th – 17th February 2017 in Toulouse (France)

From analysis to concrete action!
Based on the 1st European Workshop from September 2016 (with the topics: information about the demography and employment change, the long-termed consequences for innovation and employment-development, the specific skills needed and practical conclusions from the European survey) the members from Trade Unions and Work Councils will discuss  now strategies and experiences gained from the implementation of "national initiatives".
This exchange is based on the country-specific activities proposed by the partners.


08.11.2016: European Workshop Madrid – Summary

What are companies doing to meet the increasing demand for qualified personnel and how active are they in securing and promoting new talent? These and other questions were discussed intensively by works and union representatives from eight countries at a European Workshop.One main outcome of this workshop was the preparation of “action plans” according to a specific time-table, with tangible “projects” being defined for certain country-specific or company-related activities.This involves specifically initiatives to be undertaken gradually for securing and holding a qualified workforce.


05.09.2016: European Workshop, 21st till 23rd September 2016 in Madrid (Spain)

Where is the aerospace industry going? What are the main weaknesses? What are the main opportunities in terms of work and personnel organisation? Are there any differences between the different European countries and production sites? These topics and many more will be discussed by in-company and union representatives from eight countries at our European workshop.


10.03.2016: Kick-off meeting of the CHANGE European aerospace project in Potsdam on 10 March 2016

The challenges created by demographic changes, HR management and the skilled labour shortage – Trade union strategies for the European aerospace sector

04.03.2016: Working together on sectoral policy in Europe in Potsdam

After the project kick-off meeting, which was held at Airbus in Hamburg on 09.02.2016, the trade union partners working on the CHANGE project will meet for the first European Working Conference in Potsdam on 10.03.2016.

22.02.2016: The European demographic project gathers speed

First partner meeting held at Airbus in Hamburg on 9 February 2016.
On 9 February 2016, the European partners assembled at Airbus in Hamburg for the CHANGE project kick-off meeting. It was attended by 14 company and trade union representatives from eight EU countries, as well as the European umbrella organisation industriAll Europe.